Have you been hacked?

As a first step, you should create a snapshot of your system, then feel free to contact me for forensics & investigation.

Are you looking for a penetration test?

I am an Offensive Security Certified Penetration Tester; you can contact me to test the security of your application.

Usually, the process is as follows:

  • I ask you a few questions about your application (industry, technologies used, application size, etc.)
  • We figure out your goal and define the scope of the test
  • You receive a proposal
  • You accept it, and we sign the contract and NDA if needed
  • I perform the test
  • I will provide a report for you
  • I will do a follow-up Q&A with you


“ I worked with Greg to go through all my sites and apps and make sure they are safe. I love being a scriptkiddie hacking together and shipping fast but security is nothing to be fast about because you hold user's data and have to keep that safe. Having Greg pentest everything, audit my code and follow his recommendations helps me sleep a bit better at night. ”